"There's so much to explore in Rhode Island, once you know where to go."


Doors Open RI raised over $15,000 to create a festival that provides behind-the-scenes access to over 150 fascinating and inaccessible places around the state - for free. 

"Can you tell I was sexually assaulted? What do you see?"


Technologies Against Assault raised $26,000 to recreate the sexual assault kit, using biotechnology to make the process less invasive, faster, and more validating for survivors.



Humble Pie Company's third annual pie-eating contests in honor of Pi Day. 

"I've bought the whole brewery, it just hasn't arrived yet."


Banded Horn Brewing Company is a new craft brewery coming soon to the historic Pepperell Mill in Biddeford, Maine. bandedhorn.com.

"I want to be the greatest female wrestler ever."


Beat the Streets Providence raised $20,000 in 6 hours to bring sports back to Providence schools. beatthestreets-pvd.org.

"It's been a roller coaster of feeling confident and freaking out."


The night before his first Thanksgiving bake of 100 pies, it's the numbers that calm Daniel Sheehan. humblepiepvd.com.

"As much as I have ignored the fact, fought with it, tried to minimize or preserve it for fear of ruining it... I am an artist."


Created to support the music and art of Sianna Plavin. siannaplavin.com.

"Let's do this!"


Introducing RI's favorite springtime (April Fools) treat from the Humble Pie Company and Fox Point Pickling Company.

"Am I committed to doing what I can, small as I am, to fight for this world?"


David Levi explores the philosophy of serving 100% local, organic food at his restaurant Vinland in Portland, ME. vinland.me