Life In One Night: Live audio storytelling from cradle to grave


What do our lives sound like? Six local audio producers played and performed stories that they crafted from real people in RI and beyond. Each story relates to a different stage of life - birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, late age, and death - through a blend of recordings and live sounds.  A two-hour show hosted by This American Life's Torey Malatia.

Watch the story that I produced and narrated: "Explained Infertility."



Tell a story about... falling in love; saying goodbye; fighting for something; a time you felt different from those around you; one thing that made you leave, stay or return to RI; a place in RI where you belong.

We designed and facilitated a space for public narratives at PVDFest - Providence's festival for the arts - where participants could pause, have intimate and unplanned interactions with strangers, and map their personal stories. 

Hundreds of participants visited our "living room" - set up with a rug, coffee table, and two armchairs - to tell a story to a friend or stranger, and filled out a card with a detail from the story they'll always remember. The project was supported by an Artist Grant from the City of Providence.

Stories From the Field


A night of live storytelling with Rhode Island's farm and fishing community at Mount Hope Farm.

Storytelling Speaker Series


What does it mean to be a storyteller? How do stories remain relevant in an ever-evolving and expanding world? The Storytelling Speaker Series at Brown University hosts speakers and discussions in order to explore the intersection of media, storytelling, and social impact. 

Watch a presentation by National Geographic's Keith Jenkins and a conversation with Waiting for Superman and He Named Me Malala Director Davis Guggenheim.

Listening Room


Every so often, I set up two chairs at a nearby park. I bring lollipops and water and questions for anyone who chooses to stop. No recordings, just real conversation. This idea grew into StoryCityPVD (above).