After Orlando

LGBTQ teens of color in Providence speak out about how the attacks at a gay nightclub in Orlando have affected them. Produced for Rhode Island Public Radio.

White Bones

Providence has a new public work of art. It’s a giant mural called “BattleCat,” painted by an Austrian graffiti artist who goes by the name NYCHOS. Produced for Rhode Island Public Radio.


StoryCorps: Great Aunt Flossie

Stump came out to her parents as a lesbian in the early 1970’s. Her father ripped up a photo of her, threw the pieces in her face, and told her she was no longer a part of their family. Months later, she got a phone call from relatives she’d never met. Produced for Rhode Island Public Radio.

Save the Bay

You don't have the "Ocean State" without Narragansett Bay. Produced for the "Imagine Providence" series at Brown University. Full collection here.

Mr. Mello

A text, photo, and audio exploration of the life of Jeff Mello, a 44-year old man confined to a wheelchair for half of his life. Photos here.

On the Mic

Voices from a girls-only rock & roll camp. Photos and interviews here.


Joe's Wall

A 12-minute audio story about the unlikely spiritual calling of a former Catholic priest: building stone walls.

It's Personal

A 1-minute moment with a stranger at the bus stop about where he's going. 

Talking to Strangers

Sometimes I walk around my neighborhood and talk to people.
Results here. 


Back Home

Old family pictures layered + mixed with photos taken in and around my childhood home, six years after we moved out. Photos here.